It seems that everyone this week is remembering where they were on 9/11/01. Everyone has a story. I was sitting outside the gym at MidAmerica Nazarene College in Olathe, KS, while my youngest was at basketball practice. It was a beautiful clear morning and I was doing some reading in the car. I remember thinking it was rather odd when I looked up into the sky and noticed the white cloud of smoke from 2 separate airplanes making an obvious U turn at about the same time. That’s when I received a call from my Mom who asked if I’d been listening to the radio. She went on to explain what had just happened and that all US domestic flights had been grounded. Following basketball practice, Jamie and I went to a nearby Target where we went inside to stand with the crowd of people gathered around the televisions in the store. It reminded me of those ‘end of the world’ movies we watch where everyone stands in fear about what would happen next. As we headed home, I reflected on how awesome it is to have a personal relationship with God and to know that He is in control of all things – in a world that rejected him long ago. It doesn’t mean I understand why things happen like they do – but it does mean I can trust Him because He loves me and promises to work out even the most evil and horrible of things for good. I am thanking God for those who sacrificed for our country throughout all the years and those who serve today! May God bless them and their families!

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