One reason people don’t make progress toward their goals is that they get overwhelmed at the enormity of the tasks! You may have heard the expression ‘You can eat an elephant if you take one bite at a time.’

In other words, if you have a goal you want to accomplish, you need a step by step approach that breaks down the journey from here to there in doable chunks.

Someone once said “Small things done over time will yield big results.” It’s easy to get so focused on the end goal that we fail to take the time to map out a good strategy to help us get there.

Several years ago I began to think about some goals I would like to accomplish in life and I wrote them down in my journal. Then I began to look at them – one goal at a time and ask the question, “What can I do TODAY that would be a small step toward achieving that goal?” I have been pleasantly surprised how those small steps, if done consistently over time, result in making my goals a reality. Are there things you always wanted to do but never could find the time? Maybe breaking it down into small steps will help you make your dreams a reality.

What one thing can YOU do today that will improve all of your tomorrows?