For as long as I can remember, after eating way too much turkey and at least 3 pieces of pie on Thanksgiving Day, there was an afternoon walk. For the majority of my life, the walks have happened on the country road where my parents live. I remember one Thanksgiving when the walk turned into sledding after a huge snowstorm. That was the same year I brought home my ‘friend’ from college, who would later become my husband! Some years the walk has been after a game of flag football on an unseasonably warm November afternoon. As young parents, we loved walking our kids down to the bridge where they would throw rocks in the creek. Making memories and building a family happened every year on the Thanksgiving Walk. This year was no exception. The location was different, but the walk was the same. After enjoying an awesome dinner planned and prepared by my daughter and daughter-in-law, Dan and I got to take the Thanksgiving Walk. Although it was a chilly afternoon, we bundled up our two precious grandchildren and made some memories. Walking behind Dan and Lincoln, my heart filled with gratitude. As a young Mom, I asked God to bless my family. I asked Him for strength many times along the way. And so today as I took my traditional Thanksgiving walk, I offered a prayer of thanksgiving to Him for a wonderful husband, terrific kids, awesome grandchildren, godly heritage from my parents and friends who have helped to give me a full life. I don’t think I ever intended a Thanksgiving Walk to be an annual tradition. But I’m glad it has become one.

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