Today Pastor Chris challenged us to take seriously the 4th Commandment- remembering the Sabbath. Scientists have recently concluded that healthy patterns of activity and rest lie at the heart of our capacity for full engagement, maximum performance and sustained health. Sounds like God knew exactly what we needed clear back in the book of Exodus! The Bible calls us to both Sabbath rest and sacrifice. We are to stop working at times, and we are to work sacrificially at other times. We need both intensity and renewal. To reduce stress and increase joy, we need to climb mountains and lie on beaches (for me it means floating on my raft at the lake). It won’t be the same for everyone. So how are you going to stay healthy by fluctuating between intensity and renewal this week? Someone suggested we should adapt to the rhythm of the season we’re in and make the most of the lives we have – not the lives we wish we had. Life is busy, but God does know what we need to make it for the long haul. Be creative and get some rest!

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