I am a very sound sleeper. I rarely remember any dreams I have during the night, but a few months ago I had one of those dreams that stuck with me. As we walked down a long hallway (much like the corridor from my high school days with lockers on both sides), the leaders from LifeQuest passed by doors labeled ‘Life Change.’ As we glanced into the rooms we saw people whose lives had been changed through the power of Jesus Christ. As we continued to walk the long hall, we talked about new opportunities for the future and reflected on past struggles. As we got to the end of the corridor – there was a sharp turn to the left. The corridor looked long and even a bit dark – we couldn’t see what was ahead. I wondered if we should go straight out the exit or take the turn not knowing where we were going. A small sign caught my eye – it was my paraphrase of a Scripture I had read earlier that day “I am guiding you – I have continually provided for your needs – don’t be afraid of the unknown – keep going, keep reaching one life at a time and stay the course.”

What course has God set before you? Are you willing to keep going even if it means taking a risk?

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