Life Hurts. God Heals.

Scars are a reality of life.   People disappoint you.  Loved ones discourage you.  Cuts run deep and leave you scarred and broken.  The life you hoped for seems distant and far out of reach.  Then what happens?  Someone wrongs you.  So you refuse to forgive and become bitter and cynical.  Resentment fills your heart and the weight of your emotional scars won’t let you enjoy life.  Sometimes you even choose to hide behind the secret scars that have left their mark on your soul.  The trouble is that you live believing if only your circumstances were different things would get better.  The hurts continue to haunt you and you are plagued with discontentment.  But there is good news!  There is a God who is the Great Healer.  Based on the book she co-authored, Karen shares how you can work through the scars in your life and begin to allow God to heal you from the inside out.

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