One of the values of LifeQuest Church is planting seeds of the gospel not just in our own neighborhoods but throughout Kansas City and around the world. Seeds are planted behind the scenes. Hours of canvassing and conversations go into launching a church. That’s what’s been happening in Pleasant Hill as a team of people are checking it out. Sometimes the weather is unfavorable, the people are unresponsive and the miles are long. But other times it is as though God pulls back a piece of the sky, looks down and says, “I like what you’re doing..keep going!” That happened last night as a core team spent time planning, praying and talking with people in Pleasant Hill. The coolest thing that happened? One of the men they stopped to talk with crossed the line of faith – asking Jesus into his life – and promised to be at our next preview service! When you are in ministry, sometimes it can be discouraging. It is very hard work. But it is in those moments when a life is changed forever through Jesus that I glance up to heaven and thank God for the opportunity to be part of His big plan for the entire world!

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