I began to notice him about a year ago on my way to the church every morning. Wearing shorts and a hat, he walked the same route day after day. As the months passed by, he recognized my car and we began to exchange waves on a regular basis. I didn’t know anything about him except for his consistent habit of walking until one day I found out his name. He crossed the street into the church parking lot and introduced himself. I invited him to church, but he said he didn’t ‘do church.’ Since then we have spoken a couple of times – each time I have invited him to church. I am praying that one day he will walk in and check out what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. In my busy life, it’s easy to miss opportunities from God. I am trying to pay closer attention – as God reminds me every morning when I wave to my friend walking down the street and say a prayer that someday he will cross the line of faith.

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