A lot of hard work goes into building a successful family. Looking back over 35+ years of parenting, along with the fact that we definitely made our share of mistakes, here are 3 key steps that will contribute to a a great family.


Every construction project begins with the foundation. It is the key to the building’s stability. If you’ve ever spent the afternoon building sandcastles on the beach, you know exactly what I mean. You have seen how quickly the sand will wash away an afternoon of hard work. Sand is not the best foundation because the waves will wash your sandcastle away in one fell swoop. The same is true for our families!  If you don’t choose your foundation carefully, your seemingly stable life can come crashing down.

The Bible says there is only one foundation for every life and that is Jesus!  Faith in His Word. Putting into practice the way of life described in the Bible. Not just faking it or getting around to it… but actually “putting it into practice.”


If you don’t know where you want to end up, you run the risk of coming to the end and finding out that the road you were on was the one that took you to the wrong gate.

We have to think ahead to what will be the most important things we can do for our kids NOW to help establish their faith for the future. Do you want them to be independent self-supporting adults? Then you need to be an example. Do you want to go visit your kids and enter into a house full of disrespect and chaos and yelling at each other? You have to set the tone in your house while they are growing up in order for that to happen. Do you want to watch them work through conflict in their relationships? How are you doing at working through conflict? Do you want them to respect authority? Then you need to respect authority now in front of them. Would you like to see them living a life for God when they are adults? Then how are you living your life? Do you want them to make church a priority in their lives? Are you committed to church or do you just come when it’s convenient and fits into your schedule?


It’s hard work to be a wise builder. Do you remember the story of The 3 Little Pigs? The 2 little pigs who used hay and sticks to build their homes had extra time to have fun, while the 3rd little pig was sweating and slopping cement on bricks. But when the wolf came, his hard work paid off.

Wise parents will start their children out on the right track by instilling God’s word into their lives. “Telling your kids to love God” isn’t enough, they need to watch you love God every single day both inside and outside the walls of your home.

Without well-laid foundations, bridges collapse, health is compromised struggles overwhelm us and families fall apart. Foundations need to be laid years before they are needed. It’s hard work, but well worth the effort!

What foundation are you building your family on?

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