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Quit Being Religous

I love reading the works of Oswald Chambers – so much wisdom and he doesn’t mince words, but gets right to the point. In ‘Utmost For His Highest,’ Chambers writes about our relationship with Jesus and how it’s easy to get so absorbed in our service to Him, that we fail to actually face Him. Recognizing His ‘surprise visits’ (as Chambers calls them) is not brought about by service to Him, but by  ...


Just Go

One of my favorite things about teaching third graders was their enthusiasm. When I needed someone to help with anything all I had to do was ask and someone would frantically begin waving their hand, “I’ll do it! Pick me!” The type of job really didn’t matter, they were just eager and willing to help.

During our last series at church, we looked at the life of Abraham. God had a job for him to do so He asked Abraham to leave his country, his  ...

Just Fun

The Scoop On Zumba

I am not a fan of exercise! Give me a raft and I will float on the lake for hours; or attach a parachute to my back and I will jump out of a plane, but regular exercise at a gym? No thanks! That was until I discovered Zumba! For the past few weeks, I have actually looked forward to exercising at the suggestion of a friend who said I would love exercising in a whole new way. I was intrigued by the name and did some research on how Zumba got  ...