Stepping through the door, you might think it’s an old movie theater complete with marquis lights.  But when you walk into the auditorium you will hear awesome music along with an exciting and upbeat atmosphere!  We are not your typical church!  “No Perfect People Are Allowed.”  Our mission: to increase the traffic to heaven by creating life changing communities.  Countless hours are put in each week to make a place for those far from God to come and find out who Jesus is!  Helping people grow in their faith and creating connections that build relationships is what LifeQuest Church is all about!  Continually striving to reach beyond our four walls and fulfill the mission that Jesus left for His Church can be exhausting at times.  But when a life is changed because of the power of Jesus Christ and we get to witness them following Jesus – well, that makes all of our effort worth it!  The Passion of LifeQuest is to continue to reach this world for Jesus and I’m thankful to be part of such an awesome church!

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