I am usually the first one to arrive at church on Sunday morning.  Strategically on a mission, I go through my Sunday morning routine of making sure everything is ready to go for the 3 worship experiences we have at our Belton Campus.  One by one volunteers begin arriving…band members, tech support, children’s workers, hospitality and experience team.

From the moment the first note of the cover song is played, we strive to make the worship experience a time where hearts will be touched and lives will be changed.  Today at LifeQuest was no exception. Pastor Chris delivered a great message, six people trusted Christ and others made unspoken commitments.   It was what happened after the worship experiences that surprised me.

The building was empty once again and the lights were off as I walked into the auditorium to grab my Bible and notes.  Unable to resist the urge to sit down one more time and feel the quietness of the empty room, I suddenly became overwhelmed at what had happened today – and what happens every Sunday.  I was reminded how every man, woman and child who walks through our doors has a story – a life that goes on from Monday through Saturday. Every single one of them is so important to God that He came to seek and save them – even when it meant dying a horrible death on a Roman cross.

Tears began streaming down my face as I realized the awesome privilege I have to partner with God in the biggest undertaking on the planet.  Everywhere people are facing the emptiness of life without meaning.  Countless families are in crisis.  People are hungry for truth.  Something very significant can happen when the Church gathers on Sunday morning.  During that time, people are forming impressions of what a faith community looks like – and they are also forming impressions of God.  We have an opportunity to draw them closer to Him or to push them away.  While it may appear to be just another Sunday morning, God can use it to prompt turning points with eternal significance.  As I left the building, I asked God to never let Sunday morning get old for me because there are no ordinary Sundays.

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