I am a list person. I love to write down the things I need to do or want to do. I can’t explain how excited I am to ‘check it off’ when the task is complete. Not only do I like lists in my daily routine, but I also like thinking about bigger things – big dreams, if you will – that I’d like to do in the future. Each year I try to check at least a few of those things off my list. I can’t even remember how many years in the back of my mind was this crazy dream of becoming a real estate agent. Why? I love helping people. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them figure out a way to achieve their dreams as well! For whatever reason becoming a real estate agent always got moved to the bottom of the bucket list. Then I read a quote by C.S. Lewis which said, ” “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” So I decided 2017 would be the year! After 37 years of being out of a classroom – and never having taken a single exam on a computer – I went to real estate school and passed my exam (via the computer). I am so excited about adding this new adventure to my life! Building relationships and producing results is my goal!

You know all those things you’ve wanted to do? Maybe now would be a good time to do them!

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