30 people were baptized yesterday as a large crowd of people gathered outside of LifeQuest Church to celebrate lives that had been changed because of Jesus. All of them different ages, all from different backgrounds, and all with individual stories of how God has lead them on their faith journey. These are the moments that those of us at LifeQuest live for! The countless hours of behind the scenes work that goes into every single Sunday from our staff and volunteers are all worth it as we watch people cross the line of faith and allow God to fulfill His purpose for their lives! So as I watched sweet little Bella get baptized by her Dad yesterday, tears filled my eyes as I remembered the time when I too crossed that line of faith at the age of 6 and was baptized. I reflected on all God has done for me and how Jesus has been my dearest Friend for the past 48 years Yesterday at LifeQuest was definitely a ‘mountaintop moment.’

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