LifeQuest Flashback- January 2005

I became the part-time volunteer Children’s Ministry Director in October 2004. January 2005 found KidzQuest busting at the seams in our storefront building at 801 North Scott. As we continued to grow, I remember wondering how we could fit any more kids in the tiny room where they were meeting. Along with being crowded in the halls as people walked through a long hallway to reach the auditorium, the kids room was so packed we could barely shut the door. One day Pastor Chris was delivering some mail to the small business next door when they asked him if he recommended anyone who could be an administrative assistant for them. He said he would keep his ears open for anyone who might be looking for a job and then added in sort of a joking manner…IF they would allow us to use their back warehouse on Sunday mornings to alleviate the crowded conditions of our kids ministry. They said YES and gave him a key that day. So for the next four months, we used the office space next door and set up in a room full of electrical supplies stacked to the ceiling, huge rolls of electrical wiring and even a forklift. Every Saturday night, volunteers showed up to carry tables, chairs and supplies back and forth between the two buildings. Week after week people pitched in to help…even sweeping and cleaning the floors and bathrooms in our ‘borrowed’ space after Sunday morning services before going to lunch. Only one of the hundreds of ways God has provided for LifeQuest over the past 7 years. No other way to describe it except AWESOME!

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