LifeQuest and Life change

Last night I was asked by friends from LifeQuest Church to attend a High School play  entitled “Children of Eden.”  The play is about the beginning of the world and how God built the world based on His dream. He created Adam and Eve and gave them a perfect place to live.  Then a Snake convinced Eve to disobey her Heavenly Father so they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. The first act ended several decades later. By then Eve was an elderly widow, ready to pass on.  She reflected on her act of leaving the Garden with Adam, and the influence of one generation’s experience on their descendants.

Act II begins a thousand years later as Noah builds an ark in obedience to God, who had decided to destroy the earth because of all its wickedness. The rain comes and floods the land, but Noah and his family are spared because of their trust in Him.

What does all this have to do with Life Change and LifeQuest?  Well, you see as I sat there watching the play I was thinking about how, just like Adam and Eve and Noah and his family, God has been pursuing a relationship with we humans since the beginning of the world.  In fact, so much so that He gave the ultimate sacrifice, His Son Jesus, to bring us back to Himself.  That’s why LifeQuest exists – to lead people into a relationship with God through Jesus and to help them experience Life Change.

The way coolest part of the whole night happened when I reflected on the friend who had invited me to the play. She was a living example of Life Change!  It was only a few years ago that she walked into LifeQuest without a job, without a home and without God in her life.  As I sat with her and her daughters, witnessing the Life Change Jesus had done in her life, tears came to my eyes!  I am quite sure that as God looked down on us last night in that high school theater, it brought a tear to His eye as well.ritually real. No one wants to follow a fake leader – people are looking for the real thing!