Even though my mom was old fashioned I loved her very much. Of course, I still do-but frankly, I don’t know how I survived my childhood. She imposed so many restrictions on me. I was never allowed to express myself by coloring on the walls and she demanded that I behave in the grocery store. My brothers and I were never permitted to say unkind words to each other, and we always had to at least act like we loved each other. As I grew older (you may not believe this) I was expected to help out around the house and even practice the piano. My old fashioned mom refused to recognize that I had more important things to do. I could never understand why my friends liked to come over to our house. Mom was forever baking cookies, helping us with a school projects, or sewing cheerleading uniforms (even if it meant staying up half the night to meet a deadline). My friends seemed to love it.

There were other problems as well, especially as I reached my teenage years. My Mother had to know where I was going, who I was going with, and what time I would be home. I even had a curfew, and she was always waiting up for me. As my own children grew up, there were times I was also accused of being old fashioned and behind the times. When they complained, I knew exactly how they felt. My mom left her handprint on my life – she had the courage to stand by her convictions, the love to balance with the discipline and the wisdom to know that someday I would understand! What mark are you leaving on those around you?

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