Just Go

One of my favorite things about teaching third graders was their enthusiasm. When I needed someone to help with anything all I had to do was ask and someone would frantically begin waving their hand, “I’ll do it! Pick me!” The type of job really didn’t matter, they were just eager and willing to help.

During our last series at church, we looked at the life of Abraham. God had a job for him to do so He asked Abraham to leave his country, his people and his father’s house. That was it. No further instructions, no destination point, no estimated time of arrival. Just pack up your bags and go. Genesis 12:4 says, “So Abraham left, as the Lord had told him.” 

I wonder how quick I would have responded. I have to admit I might have had a few questions. Where am I going? How long will I be there? Will I like it? Will it be fun? Will I be successful? 

Reasonable questions for sure. But not necessary for Abraham. He just left everything, as the Lord had told him. His assignment was not an easy task, but the questions and answers came only after Abraham WENT. I am learning that God’s plan in anything – a job or ministry or relationship – can be challenging. We never know where it’s going to take us. But God wants us to say, “I’ll do it! Pick me!” Then He will fill in the details as we go along, unfolding amazing opportunities for what He has planned for our life! Are you ready to raise your hand?