A couple of weeks ago after church I was able to pray with someone who was going through some pretty tough struggles. As I spent time in conversation, I learned she didn’t have a job and was living out of her car. It’s easy to say the words, “God will work everything out,” (and I do know that He will) but that’s hard to hear when it’s the dead of winter and you are staying in laundry mats until they close just to keep warm or camping out in hospital parking lots so you won’t feel alone or using your blow dryer in the park as a heater. Those are things I can’t even imagine going through. Yet it is a reality for many. Today when the winter storm warnings came out, I thought of her. I wondered if she would be able to withstand the cold weather over the next few days. It was while I was praying for her that God spoke to my heart with a piercing question, “So what are you going to do about it?” I knew what He meant. I knew what I had to do. Using the contact information I’d been given, I contacted her. Long story short – she’s sleeping at our house tonight. I have been asking God to make me sensitive to what He wants me to do. Today He did and I am thankful.

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