It is 5:30 am and the little courtyard in the slum comes alive as a mother starts her charcoal stove and heats water to make porridge, something to fill the stomach on a damp morning in Kampala. By 6:30 her son is drinking his millet porridge quite eagerly. Slowly daylight moves in as people begin another day of searching through the heaps of trash for something to eat.

This is common to most of the 30 million who call Uganda their home…Kampala is 2 ½ million in size, 60% of its people live in slums. Living on less than 3 dollars a day, most families eat only one meal a day, and mostly without meat. Unemployment can run as high as 70% making jobs tough to find. The average Ugandan woman has over six children to feed. Many die young from malaria and aids. Darkness comes around 7 pm every night in Uganda. The power had come back in the afternoon, but promptly at seven it went off again, most likely not to come back until 10pm. As she kisses her children goodnight, she wonders how she will feed them tomorrow. It is simply another day in Uganda.

This summer Dan and I have an opportunity to bring hope to the women and children living in the slums of Kampala. I will be speaking at a Conference to help train leaders and encourage women to start their own small businesses helping them gain skills needed to support and feed their families. Dan will be checking out the possibilities of bringing medical missions to the children in the slums of Kampala. We are looking for people to partner with us as we take Hope to Uganda. The cost of this trip is $5000. Maybe you can’t physically go to this part of the world – but you can make a difference in the lives of so many by partnering with us through your prayers and generous giving. Will you partner with us?

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