For centuries, finding purpose in life has been at the heart of the human quest. Yet for most, the path to purpose remains unclear. Many spend an entire lifetime searching for the ultimate answer to their true identity, meaning and purpose. No matter who you are – there is a longing in every human heart to know what they are on this planet for. In his book, The Call, Oz Guiness addresses the truth of purpose in each of our lives. ‘Personally summoned by the Creator of the universe, we are given a meaning in what we do that flames over every second and inch of our lives. Challenged, inspired, rebuked and encouraged by God’s call, we cannot for a moment settle down to the comfortable, the mediocre, and the boring. The call within each of us is always to the higher, the deeper and the farther.’ While on a short term mission trip in Haiti several years ago, I was reminded again that there is nothing greater than God’s call to each of us to serve others. Being the hands and feet of Jesus brings meaning and purpose to our lives. God has called us to love and serve others, and we are never more ourselves than when we are fully stretched in answer His call.

Do you long to escape the smallness of life with no purpose higher than your own? To rise above the mediocrity of so many around you? Look to God for a greater purpose than you ever imagined!

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