Extraordinary BBQ – Ordinary Friday

Tonight was a perfect night to have a BBQ and hang out on the deck with family and friends while watching Lincoln and Aly play!  Thanks to Jonalin and Larry’s hospitality, we enjoyed a great night.  Sometimes I get really sad thinking about how far away my kiddos are these days, but then when they are here and we are enjoying being together, I find myself thanking God for the wonderful family He has blessed me with.  I also have come to realize that just because families live close by doesn’t mean they are close families.  So I have chosen to treasure every moment we have together, even if only a few days here and there.  I am going to love every minute of enjoying my children, who have now grown up to be awesome adults and some of my best friends.  And our two grandkids, Lincoln and Aly?  Well, that’s just the icing on the cake!  To those driving by the Witt’s house tonight, it may have just looked like a few people in the backyard grilling hot dogs and burgers.  But remember things aren’t always what they seem….extraordinary moments on an ordinary Friday night.

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