Every day is a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. I have found this to be true in my life over and over again. When we choose to follow Jesus, life becomes an exciting adventure! He is the One who knows the future and the One who holds the future. He is the One who loves us so much that He can’t keep His eyes off of us. He always has our best interest in mind and desires to walk with us in a very personal way on our life’s journey. And sometimes, He even throws surprises our way!

In an amazing set of circumstances, God surprised me with an opportunity to join the staff of an amazing ministry called The Sending Project. The Sending Project (TSP) brings pastors and church mission leaders together to build missional awareness and community among a diversity of churches throughout Kansas City. As Operations Director, my job will be to help further the mission and vision of The Sending Project by leading, developing and building excellence within various operational components of the organization.

So today is not just another day – it’s a new chapter in the story He is writing of my life. My heart’s desire is to be faithful to Jesus – allowing Him to use me to impact this world! Thankful for the past, I look forward to the future adventures He has for me!

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