Someone once said, “Any dream God puts in your heart will be much bigger than you.” Most of us start out with big dreams, but people and circumstances whittle those dreams down to size. We reach adulthood, and we voluntarily trim our dreams to manageable proportions so we won’t be disappointed. I believe God is the author of big dreams!  Several years ago, God gave me the dream of writing a book which addressed women and leadership in the church.  My dream seemed too big!  But I wasn’t able to let this dream go.  It wouldn’t leave me alone.  Dr. Steve Greene said, “A God-given dream is a bothersome thing: it won’t leave you alone! It keeps bobbing to the surface of your heart, clamoring for your mind’s attention. If that’s how your dream behaves, then it is probably from God.”  God kept reminding me that writing a book like this might help someone else who has had the same questions that I have had.  I truly believed it was going to fulfill a need and most of all, I wanted my dream to bring glory to God. And so the writing began…… “What No One Ever Told Me – 8 Things I Discovered About Women and Leadership in the Church” was born.  In the book I talk about the different views of women and leadership in the church, the part history has played in the lives of women down through the ages, and the attitudes of Jesus and Paul toward women.  The book is not just for women.   It is for followers of Christ who desire to help the church grow and thrive beyond the current generation following God’s direction and equipping and raising up spiritual leaders.  It is for women who desire to effectively lead in an arena where many times they have felt there was no place for them to use their gifts.  And it is for men whose hunger to reach a lost and dying world for Jesus, realizing that it is going to take mighty army of Christ-followers to carry out the Great Commission.

What dream has God given you and what are you going to do about it?

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