“Karen Blankenship gets it. As an author, speaker and mentor, she can speak to all generations and communicate the frank and honest ways to each. Her genuine love for others and the Lord shines through her talks & writings as she reveals the truth through her experiences.” – Dorea Potter

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    Topics Karen Speaks About
    8393292WHAT NO ONE EVER TOLD ME: 8 Incredible Things I Discovered About Women and Leadership
    Growing up in the church, Karen was convinced her leadership gifts could not be used within the church.  After several years of studying the subject of women and leadership in the church, she discovered things that she had never known before. She learned that the history of Christianity is full of examples of strong, godly women who achieved remarkable breakthroughs for the kingdom of God.

    Karen presents a look at two very different views of women and leadership from a Biblical and historical perspective. Taking you through the Halls of Church History, she will share with you things that no one ever told her. Just as God used women throughout the Old and New Testaments, Karen will share how women can thrive as leaders in the church today.

    LIFE MANAGEMENT 101: Finding Balance in Everyday Life
    Sometimes life is a walk on the beach; sometimes it’s an uphill climb. Sometimes we have everything neatly planned out and then we are forced to take a detour. It’s a fact of life in the 21st century. We struggle every day with what things to give our attention to, what things to put off till another day and when to ‘just say no.’  No matter what season of life you are in, there are principles that can help you become a good life manager.


    REMEMBER THE JOURNEY: Making the Moments Count
    Someone once said, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” How do you remember your moments?  The way you remember yesterday will determine the way you live today. God challenged His people to pile up stones to remember the milestones on their journey. Learn how you can pile up your own stones to help you remember yesterday and live today to the fullest.

    THIS OLD HOUSE:  If Walls Could Talk
    In 1895 James West Harrelson purchased 200 acres in Belton, Missouri, where he built a beautiful Victorian home for his wife and nine children. 117 years later, despite a devastating fire, the home is being used to house travelers from all around the world.  Hear the story of how the home was restored and used as a hospitality house.

    SCARS:  Life Hurts. God Heals.
    Scars are a reality of life. People disappoint you. Loved ones discourage you. Cuts run deep and leave you scarred and broken.The life you hoped for seems distant and far out of reach. Then what happens?  Someone wrongs you.  So you refuse to forgive and become bitter and cynical. Resentment fills your heart and the weight of your emotional scars won’t let you enjoy life. Sometimes you even choose to hide behind the secret scars that have left their mark on your soul. The trouble is that you live believing if only your circumstances were different things would get better. The hurts continue to haunt you and you are plagued with discontentment. But there is good news! There is a God who is the Great Healer. Based on the book she co-authored with Chris Pinion, Karen shares how you can work through the scars in your life and begin to allow God to heal you from the inside out.

    MAVERICKS AND ELEPHANTS:  Dealing with Conflict
    Conflict is often referred to as the ‘elephant in the room.’ Probably one of the most difficult aspects of relationships is communication and often the most difficult aspect of communication is speaking to the elephant in the room. It’s so much easier in the heat of the moment to just keep smiling, pretend everything is OK and not say anything at all. But in order to have a meaningful relationships, there are two things we must all learn to deal with…Mavericks and Elephants.

    Kids have lots of energy! As a Mom, you want them to channel their energy for maximum impact on their lives – living life to the fullest while adhering to the values you’ve taught them. Building the family you’ve always dreamed of takes hard work but pays big dividends in the end. Investing into building good relationships with your kids even when they are small promises to pay off with big rewards in years to come. Learn some practical ways you can invest in your kids!

    RAISING G RATED KIDS IN AN R RATED WORLD: Parental Guidance Required (PG)
    When that first ‘bundle of joy’ arrived did you wish an instruction manual had been tucked in the blanket?  Parenting is one of the toughest jobs around! How do you communicate with your kids? Protect them? Set limits? Say no? It seems like you know more about what you don’t know than what you do know! Learn how to protect your family (and your sanity) while raising G Rated kids in an R Rated world!