I realize God works in great ways every day – but some of them just jump out at you. Like last Friday morning when I was driving down 58 Hwy like I do every single day…and yes, I was talking on the phone. As I was pulling up to an intersection, the light turned yellow and so I stopped. At that moment I glanced into my rear view mirror to see a red explorer that looked like it was going to crash through my rear window. In an instant, he swerved to his left to miss me and I heard the noise of his car meeting mine. I told the person I was talking to on the phone that I had just been hit and would have to call her back. Wondering if he would stop, I strained my eyes to get his license plate as he sped through the red light. He signaled ahead of me and turned into a parking lot. I followed. Getting out of the car, my first thought was to be thankful that both of us were ok. He apologized for glancing quickly at Walgreen’s to see the address on the door only to find that when he looked back I had stopped and he was going too fast. We then proceeded to access the damage. Looking at my red mustang, I saw where he had swiped me – it was on the body of the wheel above the back tire on the driver’s side. We walked over for a closer look and – here’s where the unbelievable happened – I actually wiped the swipe off. There was no dent and not even a mark left that you could see. We both just stood there amazed that there was absolutely no damage to my car. I know that God is protecting me every day in a thousand different ways. I find it hard to believe that I could feel and hear a car swipe mine going at a pretty fast speed and absolutely no damage was done to the body of the car. Coincidence? I don’t think so! God just chose to bless me in a special way that day for which I am very thankful!

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