I am not a big Zombie fan – in fact I don’t even watch the show – but there definitely is a comparison to the way many Christians act and what a Zombie does!  One of the perks of working at LifeQuest is being able to get a ‘sneak preview’ of the message each week.  Usually on Thursday afternoons several staff members gather in the auditorium to hear Pastor Chris preach his message which is carried to the Pleasant Hill Campus and used online.  Here at LifeQuest, every sermon series has been thought about and planned months in advance because our goal is to teach all of God’s Word in a relevant and uncompromising way.  The reason?   Our passion is to increase the traffic to heaven – to be a place where those who are far from God can come and learn about Jesus and how much He loves them and the life He wants them to have.  Having already heard Part 1 of Church Zombies I guarantee you are not going to want to miss it!  In fact, it’s a great time to bring someone with you on Sunday. I guarantee it might just change their life!

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