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Dedicated To All The Young Moms Out There

Now I Know Before I had three kids, one infant seat, a playpen, a gnawed crib and an incomplete magnetic alphabet stuck to the refrigerator, I lived simply in a two-bedroom apartment with my husband.  We had a double bed in one bedroom and an office set up in the other. We had a spare closet filled with wedding gifts that we had never used. Each week as I did my grocery shopping at the neighborhood store down the street, I couldn’t help but  ...

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Parenting 101: 3 Steps To Building A Successful Family

A lot of hard work goes into building a successful family. Looking back over 35+ years of parenting, along with the fact that we definitely made our share of mistakes, here are 3 key steps that will contribute to a a great family. Step #1 CHOOSE YOUR FOUNDATION CAREFULLY Every construction project begins with the foundation. It is the key to the building’s stability. If you’ve ever spent the afternoon building sandcastles on the beach, you  ...

Parenting 101

Parenting 101 – Looking Forward To Tomorrow

When I graduated from high school in the mid-70s, our class motto was,  “Live only for today because yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is only a dream.” That all sounded great at the time, but that was long before I had three children.  When I became a mom, I realized my todays no longer included going out on Friday night with friends, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, and sleeping in as late as I wanted to.   I traded that  ...

Parenting 101

Parenting 101

It’s been several years ago since I was standing in the kitchen getting ready for a graduation open house that I heard something I never thought I would live long enough to hear—nothing. I wasn’t home alone.  All three of my children were in the next room.  They weren’t sleeping or engrossed in TV or a video.  Jamie was reading, Jill was sorting through some old pictures and Josh driving a race car on his X-box.  Unbelievably no one took  ...