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I am excited to be launching my blog again – with a new look and a new purpose! If I were to describe my life, I would probably use the word mul·ti·fac·et·ed. The dictionary defines multifaceted as having many different qualities or features. When I read that, I thought “That’s me.” My life has so many different ‘facets’ – serving God and my church, loving my family, leading others, teaching, speaking, and writing are just a few of the  ...

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Life Change

Several years ago Dan and I were able to lead a team of people on a mission trip to the Word of Life Bible institute in Belem, Brazil. While every mission trip is life changing, some become the cornerstones of changing life direction. Brazil was that kind of trip. Working under the leadership of missionary, Gary Parker, his intense passion for lost people along the Amazon River began to stir a fire in our hearts. He talked about the time his  ...

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A Blessing of Second Chances

A couple of weeks ago I shared the story of the lady we took in during the big snowstorm. Having lived in her car for the past few months, she hugged me with tears in her eyes as we showed her upstairs to her room because she got to have a hot shower and a warm bed to sleep in. Dan and I decided to let her stay with us for awhile and help her get back on her feet. She expressed gratitude for getting a chance to start over – to get a  ...

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No Assumptions. No Regrets

I just read this blog by Tim Stevens and thought it was well worth posting…… We live our lives based on a series of assumptions. Those assumptions are built on our previous life experiences. For example, we assume a great deal about other drivers. We assume they will stay on their side of the center line as we fumble with our phone or change the radio station. We assume they will respect a red light as we blow through a green  ...

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Generation 99

Tonight was the final official meeting for Generation 99. Tomorrow they will graduate, having completed 99 days of reading, learning, serving and building relationships. Only a few months ago we dreamed of what it would be like to take a select group of teenagers, invest in them and help them grow in their walk with God. Tomorrow night will be the fulfillment of that dream. As I sat around the table tonight listening to them talk about what  ...

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The Bigger Picture

This week I am privileged to be a part of a church planter assessment in North Carolina. The Discovery Center, sponsored by Growing Healthy Churches, is led by seasoned church planters who have a passion to further God’s Kingdom through planting new churches. This passion is so strong that they give up an entire week from their already full schedules to help men and women who desire to be church planters realize their strengths and  ...

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Catalysts for Change

Our adventure at Catalyst is coming to a close! I am actually in the fitness room at the hotel right now watching them all work out on the machines. Spending the past few days with 8 teens has reminded me how much I enjoy being around that age! It actually got me thinking back on the years Dan and I spent with our kids. Things like weekend road trips to ball tournaments, overnight hotel stays, going out to eat late at night with the team,  ...