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The Power of Laughter

Don’t you love to be around people who are fun?  Not people who use fun in the wrong way – to belittle another person, but the kind of fun that makes you laugh till your stomach hurts! I loved being around my Grandpa – because he was so much fun.  He loved telling jokes and pulling pranks. I remember one summer when I was about 10 years old and we were spending the week at our family cabin down at the lake. Behind our cabin was  ...

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Parenting 101: 3 Steps To Building A Successful Family

A lot of hard work goes into building a successful family. Looking back over 35+ years of parenting, along with the fact that we definitely made our share of mistakes, here are 3 key steps that will contribute to a a great family. Step #1 CHOOSE YOUR FOUNDATION CAREFULLY Every construction project begins with the foundation. It is the key to the building’s stability. If you’ve ever spent the afternoon building sandcastles on the beach, you  ...

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Not Your Typical Snow Day

As a kid growing up in the country, I loved snow days! Time seemed to stand still as we chased each other with snowballs and sledded up and down the hills on my parents’ farm.   When we simply couldn’t feel our hands and feet anymore, we would head up the hill to my house where Mom always had hot chocolate and caramel corn waiting for us!  For me, one year stands out from all the rest.  I had brought a ‘friend’ of mine from college home with  ...

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Dreaming BIG

I have always had a list big dreams…some of them have been a little crazy. Like the time I told my husband that for my 50th birthday I would like to parachute out of an airplane. (It was an awesome experience, by the way!) Other dreams have come as a result of seeds planted, watered and nourished over a long period of time and then – at just the right time – God brings it to pass. Some of my biggest dreams have come through  ...

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Happy Birthday

This is the letter I wrote to Lincoln 2 years ago today – the day he was born! Dear Lincoln, We just arrived at the hospital room. Your Mom has been awake all night with contractions. They just began the drops of potosin to induce labor. You are two weeks overdue today! Grandma Jonalin, Aunt Jamie and Aunt Jill are here with you and then there’s me, Grandma K. We are so excited to meet you. I can’t tell you how excited we were as we  ...

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The Scoop On Zumba

I am not a fan of exercise! Give me a raft and I will float on the lake for hours; or attach a parachute to my back and I will jump out of a plane, but regular exercise at a gym? No thanks! That was until I discovered Zumba! For the past few weeks, I have actually looked forward to exercising at the suggestion of a friend who said I would love exercising in a whole new way. I was intrigued by the name and did some research on how Zumba got  ...