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The Thanksgiving Walk

For as long as I can remember, after eating way too much turkey and at least 3 pieces of pie on Thanksgiving Day, there was an afternoon walk. For the majority of my life, the walks have happened on the country road where my parents live. I remember one Thanksgiving when the walk turned into sledding after a huge snowstorm. That was the same year I brought home my ‘friend’ from college, who would later become my husband! Some  ...

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What’s for Dinner, Mom?

“What’s for dinner, Mom?” After answering that question at least a thousand times over a lifetime of raising children, you may not realize how much more is being served than just what’s on the menu. When families regroup at the dinner table, they are not only eating, but also focusing on each other through conversation, sharing the day’s experiences and asking questions that look into the heart of each family member. As parents exchange news  ...

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Another Awesome Sunday at LQ!

Awesome worship experiences at LifeQuest today! The music was awesome and I loved having Laura lead worship at the Belton Campus – her passion and love for Jesus comes through in her singing. Pastor Chris’s message “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was a great reminder of how God can take the broken pieces of our lives and put them back together again….how the only way we can truly do great things for God is after we  ...

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Extraordinary BBQ – Ordinary Friday

Tonight was a perfect night to have a BBQ and hang out on the deck with family and friends while watching Lincoln and Aly play!  Thanks to Jonalin and Larry’s hospitality, we enjoyed a great night.  Sometimes I get really sad thinking about how far away my kiddos are these days, but then when they are here and we are enjoying being together, I find myself thanking God for the wonderful family He has blessed me with.  I also have come  ...

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Building Family through the Generations

For as long as I can remember, we had elderly relatives living with us while I was growing up. My Mom took care of my Great Grandmother for 6 years, my Great Aunt for 13 years, and both of my Grandmothers for a total of 15 years. Born in 1873 (as well as she could recollect) my Great Grandma Mary Lovelady, loved to tell stories. I fondly recall the story of when she was working in the cotton fields of northeastern Oklahoma and looked up at  ...