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Memory Deposits

It’s surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. The crazy thing is you never know when you are making a memory until you look back and suddenly you realize the impact it made on your life. Holidays spent at my parents house…the familiar smells of turkey in the oven, the samplings of coconut cream, chocolate, strawberry, pecan and apple pies (You see my Mom had to make everyone’s favorites), taking  ...

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Pleasant Places

As I write this today, I realize that there is no perfect family. I am also well aware that to have been brought up in a loving family is not necessarily the norm these days. I am not sure why I was blessed with parents who loved me and introduced me to Jesus at an early age. I can’t explain why God chose to bless me with a wonderful godly husband, terrific kids and as I like to call them ‘perfect’ grandchildren. Psalm 16  ...


Grandkids ROCK!

Reflecting today on the family that I love so much – I thank God every day for a godly husband who loves me and for the awesome family He has blessed me with! My kids are absolutely wonderful – I am so proud of each one of them and who they have become! I feel blessed beyond words with my 3 ‘perfect’ grandchildren and am sooo excited that a 4th one is on the way! My prayer today is found in Psalm 16:6 “The lines have fallen for me in  ...


Moments of Joy

Have you ever been in a season where life’s challenges are more than you want to bear? You know all the right answers in your head – but your heart struggles to make sense of it all. You have more questions than answers and more doubts than assurances. That season visits me every once in awhile and although it is never easy, I try to push through. Pushing through for me means that I remember God’s faithfulness to me in the  ...

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Happy Birthday

This is the letter I wrote to Lincoln 2 years ago today – the day he was born! Dear Lincoln, We just arrived at the hospital room. Your Mom has been awake all night with contractions. They just began the drops of potosin to induce labor. You are two weeks overdue today! Grandma Jonalin, Aunt Jamie and Aunt Jill are here with you and then there’s me, Grandma K. We are so excited to meet you. I can’t tell you how excited we were as we  ...

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A Mom’s Gratitude

I remember the first time I ever REALLY appreciated the fact that God is continuously and simultaneously present throughout the whole of creation – that He is with me in the middle of the North American continent in the western hemisphere and yet He also is on the other side of the world! Dan and I were on a trip in the southern part of the US and as I prayed one morning for each of my kids by name, it hit me. One was on the west  ...

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My Husband

Last night was date night! Neither of us could decide where to have dinner, so we settled on my favorite spot “Jose Pepper’s.” After a very busy and emotionally draining week, I was looking forward to Friday date night with my husband. We met in college and became great friends from the very beginning. l loved his authenticity – no pretense with him. What you see is what you get. He loves God not just in word or at  ...