Our adventure at Catalyst is coming to a close! I am actually in the fitness room at the hotel right now watching them all work out on the machines. Spending the past few days with 8 teens has reminded me how much I enjoy being around that age! It actually got me thinking back on the years Dan and I spent with our kids. Things like weekend road trips to ball tournaments, overnight hotel stays, going out to eat late at night with the team, and of course laughing, as well as crying, on those occasions when their hard work brought them a championship trophy! I always remind parents to enjoy those moments with their kids, even though at the time it is exhausting both physically and financially!

The Generation 99 students have been awesome this week – serving without complaint, being flexible at the many changes we had to make, and most of all, allowing God to show them things they had never thought about before. Like how important it is to love God no matter what age you are – you don’t have to be a grown up to be used by Him – or how God’s heart breaks for the poor and oppressed and desires us to help by our actions and not just our words. Tomorrow we will head back to Kansas City hopefully different people than when we came. Christ-followers more determined than ever before to make a difference! I can’t wait to see how God uses these kids for His Kingdom. I have no doubt that He will.

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