It’s been over 10 years ago since I began attending LifeQuest Church. I have witnessed God change hundreds of lives through the power of Jesus! The stories never get old and there are always new ones being lived out. Just a few weeks ago, a young mom walked through the doors of LifeQuest. Feeling hopeless and unable to hold back the tears, her life seemed to be falling apart. I often like to think of our church as an ’emergency room’ for broken and hopeless people to come and get help. We listened to her, prayed with her and gave her a Bible to take home and begin reading. Last week she said that God is giving her strength to make it day by day. She is experiencing a BREAKTHROUGH. There are thousands more people who need a breakthrough – that’s why I am so excited to see what God is going to do over the next 2 years as we step out as a church and reach 300 new families! Tomorrow is commitment Sunday at LifeQuest – it’s going to be the biggest day in the life of our church!

Looking forward to a huge BREAKTHROUGH! Hoping to see every LifeQuester tomorrow – it’s going to be history in the making!

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