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Leaving Your Mark

Even though my mom was old fashioned I loved her very much. Of course, I still do-but frankly, I don’t know how I survived my childhood. She imposed so many restrictions on me. I was never allowed to express myself by coloring on the walls and she demanded that I behave in the grocery store. My brothers and I were never permitted to say unkind words to each other, and we always had to at least act like we loved each other. As I grew older  ...


Random Leadership Lessons

Every time I attend a Leadership Summit, I come away with a myriad of thoughts and ideas spinning around in my head. Today was no exception as leaders from around the world spoke about leading from where you are. Here are just a few things I was challenged to think about. • How you finish is how you will be remembered. – Bill Hybels • Don’t make excuses for being stuck–instead take bold steps to find solutions. – Bill Hybels • Don’t get  ...

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I am excited to be launching my blog again – with a new look and a new purpose! If I were to describe my life, I would probably use the word mul·ti·fac·et·ed. The dictionary defines multifaceted as having many different qualities or features. When I read that, I thought “That’s me.” My life has so many different ‘facets’ – serving God and my church, loving my family, leading others, teaching, speaking, and writing are just a few of the  ...