Awesome worship experiences at LifeQuest today! The music was awesome and I loved having Laura lead worship at the Belton Campus – her passion and love for Jesus comes through in her singing. Pastor Chris’s message “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was a great reminder of how God can take the broken pieces of our lives and put them back together again….how the only way we can truly do great things for God is after we have been broken. Our own Dave Patmore wrote and performed a song that tells about the path he has walked and how God has redeemed his broken pieces. Eight people accepted Jesus! Headed home after church and enjoyed watching the Chiefs (winning made it even more fun!), eating chicken chili and spending time with family. The highlight of the afternoon was when Grandpa Dan and I got to push Lincoln and Aly around the block in their strollers. Then I headed to check out Impact World Tour at the Belton High School – what an awesome outreach! The gym was packed. Can’t wait to hear how many lives were changed tonight. Sundays are busy – and even though I am extremely exhausted at the end of the day, there’s nothing more exciting than watching God work in amazing ways!

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