Sometimes really amazing things happen that are much too coincidental for explanation! For example, back in July my car broke down about 20 miles from home. It had to be towed back to our mechanic only to find out it was the alternator and battery. We were able to fix it, but when I picked up my car I noticed the radio, clock and CD player didn’t work. At the time, I was busy preparing for our mission trip to Haiti and didn’t have time to get it checked out. After the mission trip, I stopped by and had them take a quick look and they said all the fuses looked good. That was all I had time to find out about. Fast Forward to 2 months later – specifically today – and here’s what happened. When I dropped my car off at the mechanic for an inspection I asked him to take a look again to see if it was a minor problem or something that would probably cost a lot of money to fix (and to which we probably would have to put off for awhile). When I picked up my car, he said they looked at it and the fuses seemed fine, so probably the best thing would be for them to take it apart and see if they could figure out what was wrong. I made an appointment for next week to have them check it out, got in my car and headed to church. As soon as I headed down the road, I noticed my clock was on – and my radio worked – and so did my CD player. I called the mechanic and he said they had looked things over and ended up having to replace a fuse on my turn signal….he was amazed that it was working! His words were, “Well, consider it an early Christmas present.” Maybe. But it’s times like that when I can’t help but believe that God, for whatever reason, allowed my radio, clock and CD player to start working. Some may think there’s no connection. But for me, it’s a little too amazing. Just sayin’……

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