Airports are a fascinating place! All ages, all races, and even all sizes of people deeply entrenched in their own life stories. Some reading, some eating, some talking and yes, some are sleeping. It is the perfect picture of two opposite extremes….busy and waiting. Laughing and crying. Wandering and focused. I recently heard a statistic that for most of us, 86% of all we think about is ourselves. That’s easy to observe at an airport. Makes me wonder….what do people see when they observe me? Does my life show the love and compassion I urge others to show? Do people see by my actions that I am focused being the person God wants me to be? Or do I appear to be just wandering through life, focused on my own story….sometimes reading, sometimes eating, sometimes just talking? I don’t know about you, but I want to be a difference maker. Definitely something to think about. Gotta run for now – my flight is getting ready to board.

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