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November 6, 2013

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Defining Great Leadership

Some things I’ve been reading about great leadership: Great leaders bless people. They inspire and encourage. Great leaders are distinguished as great because of the positive impact they have on the people they lead. In fact, they leave people better off than they were before the leader entered into their lives. Great leadership is important – but great spiritual leadership is even more so. Great spiritual leaders do not do what  ...

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Paying Closer Attention

I began to notice him about a year ago on my way to the church every morning. Wearing shorts and a hat, he walked the same route day after day. As the months passed by, he recognized my car and we began to exchange waves on a regular basis. I didn’t know anything about him except for his consistent habit of walking until one day I found out his name. He crossed the street into the church parking lot and introduced himself. I invited  ...