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Whatever It Takes

The story of LifeQuest Church is all about doing whatever it takes to reach people who are far from God and then help them grow in their faith.  That’s what makes the people of LifeQuest extraordinary.   It takes countless hours of time, energy and money to keep reaching people and to make a difference.  And yet they are compelled by the vision.  They are obsessed with increasing the traffic to heaven by creating life changing  ...

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BREAKTHROUGH: History in the Making

It’s been over 10 years ago since I began attending LifeQuest Church. I have witnessed God change hundreds of lives through the power of Jesus! The stories never get old and there are always new ones being lived out. Just a few weeks ago, a young mom walked through the doors of LifeQuest. Feeling hopeless and unable to hold back the tears, her life seemed to be falling apart. I often like to think of our church as an ’emergency  ...

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Memory Deposits

It’s surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. The crazy thing is you never know when you are making a memory until you look back and suddenly you realize the impact it made on your life. Holidays spent at my parents house…the familiar smells of turkey in the oven, the samplings of coconut cream, chocolate, strawberry, pecan and apple pies (You see my Mom had to make everyone’s favorites), taking  ...

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Staying the Course

I am a very sound sleeper. I rarely remember any dreams I have during the night, but a few months ago I had one of those dreams that stuck with me. As we walked down a long hallway (much like the corridor from my high school days with lockers on both sides), the leaders from LifeQuest passed by doors labeled ‘Life Change.’ As we glanced into the rooms we saw people whose lives had been changed through the power of Jesus Christ.  ...

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Defining Great Leadership

Some things I’ve been reading about great leadership: Great leaders bless people. They inspire and encourage. Great leaders are distinguished as great because of the positive impact they have on the people they lead. In fact, they leave people better off than they were before the leader entered into their lives. Great leadership is important – but great spiritual leadership is even more so. Great spiritual leaders do not do what  ...

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Paying Closer Attention

I began to notice him about a year ago on my way to the church every morning. Wearing shorts and a hat, he walked the same route day after day. As the months passed by, he recognized my car and we began to exchange waves on a regular basis. I didn’t know anything about him except for his consistent habit of walking until one day I found out his name. He crossed the street into the church parking lot and introduced himself. I invited  ...

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Two Things You Don’t Want To Miss in 2012

If you’ve ever wished you knew what your purpose in life was or felt like something was wrong with you because you couldn’t seem to find any fulfillment in what you were doing, then mark your calendar for the ‘What You Do Best’ Workshop on January 28 from 8:30 am to noon at LifeQuest Church. You will learn to identify the particular person God has made you to be and also discover how you can be fulfilled in a meaningful place of service. You  ...