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No Assumptions. No Regrets

I just read this blog by Tim Stevens and thought it was well worth posting…… We live our lives based on a series of assumptions. Those assumptions are built on our previous life experiences. For example, we assume a great deal about other drivers. We assume they will stay on their side of the center line as we fumble with our phone or change the radio station. We assume they will respect a red light as we blow through a green  ...

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A Mom’s Gratitude

I remember the first time I ever REALLY appreciated the fact that God is continuously and simultaneously present throughout the whole of creation – that He is with me in the middle of the North American continent in the western hemisphere and yet He also is on the other side of the world! Dan and I were on a trip in the southern part of the US and as I prayed one morning for each of my kids by name, it hit me. One was on the west  ...

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My Husband

Last night was date night! Neither of us could decide where to have dinner, so we settled on my favorite spot “Jose Pepper’s.” After a very busy and emotionally draining week, I was looking forward to Friday date night with my husband. We met in college and became great friends from the very beginning. l loved his authenticity – no pretense with him. What you see is what you get. He loves God not just in word or at  ...

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The Thanksgiving Walk

For as long as I can remember, after eating way too much turkey and at least 3 pieces of pie on Thanksgiving Day, there was an afternoon walk. For the majority of my life, the walks have happened on the country road where my parents live. I remember one Thanksgiving when the walk turned into sledding after a huge snowstorm. That was the same year I brought home my ‘friend’ from college, who would later become my husband! Some  ...

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Airports are a fascinating place! All ages, all races, and even all sizes of people deeply entrenched in their own life stories. Some reading, some eating, some talking and yes, some are sleeping. It is the perfect picture of two opposite extremes….busy and waiting. Laughing and crying. Wandering and focused. I recently heard a statistic that for most of us, 86% of all we think about is ourselves. That’s easy to observe at an  ...