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Courage in Leadership

You can’t be a good leader without courage. It does not take a lot of courage to stay in your comfort zone, but it does take courage to grow and learn.  To push yourself and be willing to fail.  Leadership has been defined as ‘taking people where they would not have gotten by themselves.’  That kind of leadership takes courage because there is a real risk of failure.  Followers will always have their doubts and be ready to point the finger  ...


The Discipline of Self-Management

Great leaders are great managers – not just of projects and people, but mostly of themselves.  Great leaders have to learn to manage: Their feelings –  learning to own their emotions and not deny them, so they can manage them rather than let their emotions be in charge. Their expectations – of themselves, what others expect from them and the expectations of those who follow them. The boundaries in their lives –  ...

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Good Medicine for Leaders

Studies show that leaders who lead with positive emotions have workgroups with a more positive mood, enhanced job satisfaction, greater engagement and improved performance. In fact one study at Mayo Clinic revealed that positive emotions could lengthen one’s life span by 10 years. Optimism early in life also predicted good health later in life. Interestingly enough, studies also reveal that praise and positive reinforcement are rare in  ...

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The Art of Listening

How do you listen? I recently read that the skill which is most necessary to be an effective leader is ‘listening.’ In fact, some are so bold to say that you can’t become a great leader, until you are a great listener – which is often hard to do because most of the time our thoughts are consumed with our own agendas. Listening shows we really care about the person. Whether it is listening to a friend, co-worker or  ...

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Facing Your Fears

We were excited for a few days of relaxation at the lake, but when I noticed a huge snake crawling over the porch as we were unloading the car – relaxing was the farthest thing from my mind. Let me just say I am scared to death of snakes! I wanted to scream. Then I began to try and convince myself the snake was only passing through our yard and would continue down the row of cabins to haunt someone else. Much to my disappointment  ...

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Defining Great Leadership

Some things I’ve been reading about great leadership: Great leaders bless people. They inspire and encourage. Great leaders are distinguished as great because of the positive impact they have on the people they lead. In fact, they leave people better off than they were before the leader entered into their lives. Great leadership is important – but great spiritual leadership is even more so. Great spiritual leaders do not do what  ...

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Leadership Junkie

I admit it – I am a leadership junkie! Whenever I have a moment to sit down with a book, I gravitate toward a book about leadership. I love learning about how to better lead others. Some might argue that they aren’t leaders, but the truth is we are ALL leading someone because leadership is influence. Lately I have found the best time for me to read is when I’m at the gym on the treadmill. John Maxwell is one of my  ...