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Thriving As A Woman Leader In Today’s Church

After several years of studying how God has used both men and women throughout the history of Christianity, I discovered that the Bible has many examples of strong, godly women who achieved amazing breakthroughs for God and His Kingdom.  My surprise was that no one had ever told me how God significantly God used women as leaders throughout the Bible. Here are just a few examples: God appointed Deborah as judge of Israel. Co-workers of Paul,  ...


Dream BIG

Someone once said, “Any dream God puts in your heart will be much bigger than you.” Most of us start out with big dreams, but people and circumstances whittle those dreams down to size. We reach adulthood, and we voluntarily trim our dreams to manageable proportions so we won’t be disappointed. I believe God is the author of big dreams!  Several years ago, God gave me the dream of writing a book which addressed women and leadership in  ...

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Church Leadership: 5 Steps To Thriving As A Woman Leader In the Church World

More women are taking on roles of leadership in the church now than ever before. The history of Christianity is full of examples of strong, godly women who achieved remarkable breakthroughs for the kingdom of God. Judges 4 tells us that God anointed Deborah as judge of Israel, gave her wisdom and prophetic counsel, and granted a 40-year period of peace as a result of her effective leadership. In Acts 18:24-28, we read that a skilled preacher  ...

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Remembering the Journey

Every story – whether a book or a movie – has what are called plot points.  These are pivotal moments in the story that send the character on a different path.  Those moments ultimately define the character and the direction of the story.  Writers tell us that we need these plot points because if nothing ever happened in the story it would be pretty boring.  And sometimes – the character might not even realize the moment  ...

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Great Teams

Back in my college days, I was introduced to Abraham Maslow thanks to Dr. Gast, my Educational Psychology Professor. Maslow studied what motivates human behavior and observed that we are all needs junkies; once we have fulfilled one need, we move on to the next one. The basic need starts with food and water and then moves on to feeling safe, belonging, making a difference, being recognized and leaving a legacy. What does that mean for  ...


Leading in Context

In his book, Leadership Rules, Jo Owen shared what he learned after he spent several years studying what makes leaders effective. From the world’s foremost bankers and managers to the world’s oldest tribes in Africa, he discovered ONE THING that great leaders have in common:  professionalism.  By that, he meant that the best leaders in modern and ancient tribes were all extremely effective in their trade.  For leaders, the trade of  ...


Courage in Leadership

You can’t be a good leader without courage. It does not take a lot of courage to stay in your comfort zone, but it does take courage to grow and learn.  To push yourself and be willing to fail.  Leadership has been defined as ‘taking people where they would not have gotten by themselves.’  That kind of leadership takes courage because there is a real risk of failure.  Followers will always have their doubts and be ready to point the finger  ...