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Extraordinary BBQ – Ordinary Friday

Tonight was a perfect night to have a BBQ and hang out on the deck with family and friends while watching Lincoln and Aly play!  Thanks to Jonalin and Larry’s hospitality, we enjoyed a great night.  Sometimes I get really sad thinking about how far away my kiddos are these days, but then when they are here and we are enjoying being together, I find myself thanking God for the wonderful family He has blessed me with.  I also have come  ...

Blog, Family

Building Family through the Generations

For as long as I can remember, we had elderly relatives living with us while I was growing up. My Mom took care of my Great Grandmother for 6 years, my Great Aunt for 13 years, and both of my Grandmothers for a total of 15 years. Born in 1873 (as well as she could recollect) my Great Grandma Mary Lovelady, loved to tell stories. I fondly recall the story of when she was working in the cotton fields of northeastern Oklahoma and looked up at  ...