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Spotting a Leader

Looking for a new leader? I recently read an article talking about the difference between the skill of performance and the skill of leading the performance, two entirely different skills. The most gifted athletes aren’t always the best coaches and the best violinist isn’t always the best conductor. Nor will the best teacher necessarily make the best head of the department. So how do you determine whether a person is capable of learning how  ...

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Building Family through the Generations

For as long as I can remember, we had elderly relatives living with us while I was growing up. My Mom took care of my Great Grandmother for 6 years, my Great Aunt for 13 years, and both of my Grandmothers for a total of 15 years. Born in 1873 (as well as she could recollect) my Great Grandma Mary Lovelady, loved to tell stories. I fondly recall the story of when she was working in the cotton fields of northeastern Oklahoma and looked up at  ...