Dan and I have been privileged to do premarriage counseling with several couples. Last night we finished the last session with an awesome young couple. One of my favorite things about leading a couple through this is the fact that it causes me to reflect on my own marriage. Life gets so hectic and busy and days fly by, often without much thought on all the things we have to be thankful for. Last night as we shared some of the lessons we have learned, I was reminded once again about how thankful I am for my husband. For as long as I can remember, I have been 100% committed to serving God in an active and full time role and to me, there is no greater blessing than a husband who is equally committed to serving God with his whole life. The last chapter was about becoming soul mates and as we shared what made us soul mates, Dan explained that true soul mates are two hearts that are wholly devoted God – not just playing a part – but actually ‘being’ in love with God in everyday life. That’s my goal – to ‘be’ what God wants me to be every day, putting Him first. I can tell you from experience that when He is first in all you think and do and when you spend time with Him every single day in His Word – life takes on a brand new meaning. Thanking God today for 32 years of marriage to an awesome and godly man who lives it both inside and outside the walls of a church!

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