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No Assumptions. No Regrets

I just read this blog by Tim Stevens and thought it was well worth posting…… We live our lives based on a series of assumptions. Those assumptions are built on our previous life experiences. For example, we assume a great deal about other drivers. We assume they will stay on their side of the center line as we fumble with our phone or change the radio station. We assume they will respect a red light as we blow through a green  ...

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A Mom’s Gratitude

I remember the first time I ever REALLY appreciated the fact that God is continuously and simultaneously present throughout the whole of creation – that He is with me in the middle of the North American continent in the western hemisphere and yet He also is on the other side of the world! Dan and I were on a trip in the southern part of the US and as I prayed one morning for each of my kids by name, it hit me. One was on the west  ...

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Brown Bag to the Rescue

Last night 7 LifeQuesters loaded a van full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, donuts and bottles of water and headed to downtown KC on a mission! In between worship experiences yesterday, the lobby was buzzing with people adopting kids to provide toys for on Christmas Eve, adopting community organizations to bless with cookies and last, but definitely not least, making hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take to those less  ...

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An Ocean Baptism

It never ceases to amaze me when I visit countries around the world and observe how they live out their every day lives as Christ followers. Several years ago Dan and I visited several churches as a part of a team looking for churches to partner with in ministry. One Sunday afternoon as we were driving around the city, our attention turned to a large group of people gathered by the beach. Dressed in their Sunday best, they were watching new  ...

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My Husband

Last night was date night! Neither of us could decide where to have dinner, so we settled on my favorite spot “Jose Pepper’s.” After a very busy and emotionally draining week, I was looking forward to Friday date night with my husband. We met in college and became great friends from the very beginning. l loved his authenticity – no pretense with him. What you see is what you get. He loves God not just in word or at  ...